Bleeding Without Regard to Periods in women(Metrorrhagia )


       Metrorrhagia is a condition that usually comes at the time of the menopause,at which time there is a heavy flow independent of the menstrual period.if there is bleeding after the periods have stopped,or if there is irregular bleeding for a few days now and then without regard to the period, or if there is excessive flow at any time,one must think of cancer first and a gynecologist should be consulted.
   Be alert to metrorrhagia occurring before the menopause.It can come at any time.Even a little bleeding after intercourse needs to be investigated.
 Metrorrhagia is one of the common conditions caused by irregularities sometimes,which can be general,uterine bleeding.
It also appears in pregnancy women.
Metrorrhagia occur mostly in adolescents and in a woman approaching monopause.

  In some women,menstrual spolting between periods occur as normal and harmless part of the ovulation.And while some experience acute abdominal pain around the time of ovulation.

What are the most causes and way forward?

  Metrorrhagia caused by many factors such as hormonal instability, pregnancy,family planning(control pils); fibriods in woman, cysts , ovarian cancer, liver disease e.t.c. VIST THE GYNECOLOGIST IF YOU NOTICED ANY EXCESSIVE BLEEDING OR ANY SYMPTOMS MENTION ABOVE.

          How can you detect metrorrhagia

It is noticed when there is uterine bleeding (excessive one).

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