The Stress And Strain of Life 

Picture illustrating the stress and strain of life

  "People Bother Me"
    "People annoy me"
     "People are bad"
      "People are jerk "
       "People are dumbass"
   Now why should they?They are not going to shoot you.
They don't mean to be unkind or to upset you.They are no different from you,made from the same common flesh.They have rights the same as you have,but your are equal to theirs.
    The difficulty is that you let them rob you of your poise.
Stand up to them.Be frank and answer their questions directly.
Hold your own.Look them straight in the eye.Brace up!You are in no way inferior! That is very good .

       Learning your  lesson in this world 

         Now are days  do not expect to learn the lesson of calmness and poise and better habits of thinking just in one easy lesson.This is one of the hard things to learn. Right habits of thinking are built up over years, and great effort must be put forth to make these principles part of one's life.Read this article over several times and apply the principles to your own particular problem.
This principle should start right after an infant age. Thus,making it easier to learn more about life.

    An old sage said " what you are looking for is buried inside of you.
         We recognize that there are problems that vitally concern every living person over which he has control whatever.These present themselves repeatedly, often resulting in frustration and despair.The distraught one can think of no solution, and has no one to turn to for help.Under such circumstances you must find support from some source outside of and superior to yourself. Unless you does you may go into a state of nervous exhaustion in spite of all your earnest efforts to be brave.
          It is in times of such extremity that many, by turning to such a source,have found a miraculous solution not only to the immediate problem, but to all life's perplexities. Indeed,they have discovered the underlying purpose of life, the answer to the question?What are we here for?
          The source we speak of is human. And we should follow our heart ,that is the only way to imparts to everyone who seeks, comfort and enlightenment. The heart  also supplies power and strength enabling the troubled soul to fulfill life's true purpose.It is to His /her we invite the reader to turn for complete victory over difficulties for which human resources are so inadequate.

      Noises and Noisy children around the world 

         Children are always noisy. They talk loudly.
They slam doors and drop books and they just go to bed.
They scatter the house and distract the parent attention.
They dirty their cloth.
They get injured.
          But that is very interesting interesting! Everybody does that when they are much more younger. They have some real red blooded youngsters. Isn't it wonderful to have kid?
        For example :   Now suppose for a moment that they are timid or lifeless instead. They come home from school and tiptoe into the house.
They speak very softly to each other and carefully put their books in a neat pile on the table. They walk past you as you read the paper and never say a word nor make a sound.
           What would you feel like doing the next day? You would doubtless take them to the doctor to see what could be wrong!
            Now actually you should love them the way they are or prefer to have them as they are, don't you? You like to have them come and sit on arm of your chair or on the floor and excitedly tell you about what happened at school. They may talk loud enough to be heard across the street, or they may toss their books onto the table with a resounding bang. But isn't this more what you could espect of robust children? Well, expect it then! Expect loud talking, slammed doors and the bang of books landing on the floor or table.
             Expect noises. They don't kill. They assure you that your children are well and active. I say again:expect noises. It's good for you!


The New Health and Longevity by A. C. Selmon a. The Oriental Watchman Publishing House, 1960. 



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