Key to success and long life

      Temperance is one of the essentials to long life.Infact everything in life depend on this.The lives of men and women who have reached the century mark have been free from excesses of all kinds. They have been temperate in eating and drinking(Every thing must be normal). They have also been mindful of the fact that the principles of temperance apply also to the control of one's passions as well as to the control of appetite.Anger,envy,bitter feelings,all have a harmful influence upon the body and tend to shorten life.Kind thoughts and a contented mind are life lengthen .Be happy always no matter the condition may be ,this not only better the life of one person but also strengthen the life of all nation as a whole.Take for example a minister in a country get angry by his wife and he has to deliver a speech that morning. What do you expect is reaction to be on that day ?
  Let us observe the reaction of a angry man his face we be pale ,is frontalis we be protude,reddish face,veins in his head,his voice we crack,reddish eyes,look ugly,no smile infact no makeup can help the situation.

    What are the damages to the man?

  1. It could cause high blood pressure
  2. Increased in pulse rate.
  3. Increased in heart rate .
  4. Temperature.
  5. Abdominal pain.
  6. Headache and among others.
   Let's check the reaction of a happy man with is face so cool ,look hansome without any makeup,have a good thought,have a good wish,sound and healthy.Even if the man have some certain illness you may not know ,he we look  free from this diseases. Some people have noticed that they used their drugs regularly but is not helping the situation .The fact is you are not happy and living normal life.
You have to be happy to free yourself from every strenuous exercise in life( happiness is the key to success ya.).

  Let's Talk about fitness  : 

A lot of people do complain they have tried every possible means taking drugs,some exercise kit ,so much money been spent but is not just working.Yea it won't work that's the fact ,the solution his that you muat be temperate always.You can not be angry or having emotional stress and say you want to look good and fit .it won't work out. Just be happy and put your mind at rest you we surely see a posstive changes.

   The one who thinks should act normal and acts in one accord without end .One who rules the universe is connected with the source of life.By this means we can prolong the days of our life and every living things around us.

What are the advantages of living a moderate life to a man?

  1. Fitness
  2. Breathing vey well without stress.
  3. Strong immun system.
  4. Tend to have long life.
  5. Able to with stand every challenges in life.
  6. Success.
  7. Much more income.
  8. Brilliant & intelligence. E.t.c.


1. Be sure to have the rooms you occupy well ventilated
2. Seek out of doors occupation and recreation.
3. Sleep out of.doors if you can.
4. Breathe deeply.
5. Avoid over eating.
6. Eat sparingly of meats and highly spiced foods.
7. Eat slowly and chew thoroughly.
8. The bowels should be evacuated daily.
9. Stand,sit and walk erect.
10. Keep the teeth, gums and tongue clean by brushing the teeth.
11. Follow principles of sanitation to prevent disease.producing germs from entering the body.
12. Do not overwork.
13.  Rest when you are fatigued.
14. Sleep from seven to nine hours daily and according to your needs.
15. Avoid anger and worry.
16. keep fit.
17. Be up and doing.
18. Don't talk to much.
19. Don't think too much.
20. Be a good person and be thankful to your creator.

(Please if you have any questions feel free to ask and if you want to add your own opinion with my pls let me know)



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