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                      AN ANCIENT SAGE SAID, "MAN does not die : he kills himself." This is true in the case of most people. While it is true that all must die sometime, yet very few live out the natural term of life. 
    The records of every community contain the names of men who lived to a great age ; some of them lived to be over a hundred years old. But it is found in the case of most of these centenarians that they began to care for their health early in life. 
     Most men and women while young have good health and are strong physically. When warned against doing things that injure the health, they scoff and say, "I am young and strong ; it will not hurt me to do this." The God who rules the universe 
has fixed a law that governs the actions of every man and woman. "whatsoever a man soweth,"He declares, "that shall he also reap."If a man sows wheat, he will get a harvest of wheat ; if he sows rice he will secure a harvest of rice. The young person who forms bad habits of living is sowing the 
seeds of disease in his body, and it is an absolute certainty that sooner or later he will reap ill-health. it is shown that sexual excesses and the diseases resulting from dissipation shorten life. Also note that the use of such habit forming drugs as alcohol and tobacco sows the seeds of ill health and likewise shortens life. 
     Many who read this article have already passed the period of their youth and may already be afflicted with disease. They will naturally ask, Since I have neglected to carefully guard my health during the past years, is there any hope that I may have long life? This will depend on how seriously the body has been injured. But there is no one who cannot greatly lengthen the years of his life if he will at once leave off all those habits that injure the health and begin to practise those things that tend to long life. There are many instances of men, forty or more years old with diseased bodies, who have
reformed their habits and lived to the age of seventy-five or eighty years.

   To Live Long a Man Must Be Temperate

             Temperance is one of the essentials to long life.The lives of men and women who have reached the century mark have been free from excesses of all kinds. They have been temperate in eating and drinking. They have also been mindful of the fact that the principles of temperance apply also to the control of one's passions as well as to the control of appetite.Anger,envy,bitter feelings,all have a harmful influence upon the body and tend to shorten life.Kind thoughts and a contented mind are life lengthen .The one who thinks and acts in harmony with the infinite.One who rules the universe is connected with the source of life.By this means we can prolong the days of our life.

Food for Long life

A vegetarian diet is best for promoting long life. This fact has been observed for many years but until comparatively recent research on saturated and unsaturated fats brought certain facts about cholesterol to light, nutritionists did not understand why. Now they know the basic reason, namely that
the use of vegetarian foods retards the process of the hardening of the arteries.
   A study of the cause of death among vegetarians, recently concluded, covered a broad cross-section of 8, 000 cases. it

          Thirteen Basic Rules For longevity

1. Be sure to have the rooms you occupy well ventilated

2. Seek out-of-doors occupation and recreation.

3. Sleep out-of-doors if you can

4. Breathe deeply.

5. Avoid overeating.

6. Eat sparingly of meats and highly spiced foods.

7. Eat slowly and chew thoroughly.

8. The bowels should be evacuated daily.

9. Stand,sit and walk erect.

10. Keep the teeth, gums and tongue clean by brushing the teeth.

11. Follow principles of sanitation to prevent disease-producing germs from entering the body.

12. Do not overwork. Rest when you are fatigued.Sleep from seven to nine hours daily.according to your needs.

13. Avoid anger and worry--keep serene.

revealed, among other things : that deaths by heart attack or stroke among these vegetarians occurred on the average fifteen years later than such deaths among the general population.
      In spite of these facts, some hesitate to give up flesh foods because they fear they may not get a balanced diet without them.They are especially concerned about possible protein deficiency ; but actual tests and experience reveal that there will be no deficiency of protein or any other essential element in a vegetarian diet provided that it includes a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts and unrefined grains. Also to live a long life it is necessary to eat moderately and regularly, and to have daily elimination.


    Daily exercise is essential in order to live long. The body is like a machine ; if the machine is not used, it soon gets rusty ; and every one knows that a rusty machine very easily breaks. If one does not exercise, the body becomes stiff. In the case of old people, if they do not exercise : the body becomes so stiff in time that they no longer can use the legs in walking. Some famous men who lived long made it a practice throughout their lives to exercise daily, and even after they had become very old they would take a walk daily in the fresh air.
  The mind should be exercised by reading and discussing important subjects.Elderly people should engage in physical exercise as much as they can tolerate. This keeps the circulation active in the brain and will help to prevent the onset of mental



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