Healthy lifestyle and living normal

                  Living in a Continent Manner

        The man who wishes to keep his sexual desires under control, whether he his married or unmarried, should observe the following :
         1. Get exercise in the open air daily.         2. Eat plenty of fresh green foods, avoiding chillies, meat and eggs, especially in the evening.         3. Avoid use of alcoholic drinks. One authority says : "The strongest indictment against alcohol is that it excites the passions and at the same time diminishes the will-power. "        4. Drink plenty of water so that elimination will be aided        5. Bathe frequently. Sexual desires may be repressed by a cold bath.
6. Train the mind to think pure thoughts by reading only good books and indulging only in uplifting conversation. Alarming 7. Often taking late night supper is bad.8.Take fruit before meal.9. No food three hours before bed.10.Eat less oily food.11.  Six types of food that make you happy:grap fruit,whole wheat, banana, spinach ,pumkin,peach .It less food after 5pm.

   Sexual excess is a sin to an extent, and is blasting the usefulness of many men. Perversion of the natural use of the reproductive organs shortens life. it is like burning a candle at both ends . A husband should avoid sexual intercourse with his wife during are period of menstruation.During the first seven months of pregnancy,partners should be extremely careful about relationships, observing moderation. During the last two months, intercourse should be discontinued altogether lest it result in a miscarriage.

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