Self abuse by the young youth

     Masturbation is a major challenge for recent youth( male and female) and this as been in existence for more than 30years ago.A lot of youth choose to ignore this even medical personnel too,but this thing have damaged so much life's.
   It as been the major problem for so many homes today.it has lead to major challenges like: low sperm count,sexual weakness,pain,bleeding,frequently urination,loss of weight,loss of blood, shorten life span and a weak bladder muscle when the person reached age 60 to 70 years of age .
    Masturbation (self-abuse) is a vicious habit. It is often learned while the child is young. Sometimes the one who is taking care of the child, this will amuse the child by handling his external genital organ. Later, the child himself will learn to handle this part of his body,'and he will thus become a masturbator. The custom of carrying children astride the hip produces a constant rubbing of the child's genital organs, and by keeping these organs constantly irritated, the child may be led to masturbate. Child often learn this habit from their playmates at school. In other cases, there may be a long or adherent foreskin. This irritates the end of the penis, and causes it to itch. The child rubs the organ, and in this way may learn to be a masturbator. For this reason, whenever a child is noticed rubbing or scratching about the region of the external 
genitals, it will generally be found that he should be taken to a physician and should be circumcised. 
    This is also learned from society at large and various home,imagine a child get exposed to some sex act on tv and wash is dad and mom having sex(some parent choose to ignore this and said is just a child).All this must be stopped or else the health of the child is at stake.Majority of the parent destroy their child life without knowing. Children need every attention by their mother not food and money can do all things ,moral principle is important.
Please give your child maximum attention.
     If the habit of masturbation is carried on into young manhood the young man becomes debased morally. He does not respect himself and will never become a useful man, unless he ceases to masturbate. Every effort should be made to prevent and check the habit in childhood. 
    There is nothing more distressing to a man who has been promiscuous or has practised masturbation than to find upon marrying that his sexual powers are worn out and unable to function. He comes to the doctor and begs him to do something about it. But the damage has been done and if the 
powers return at all, it will be after along period of chastity. 
     Remember, the powers of reproduction in both the male and female are limited to a few years and if they are worn out they do not recuperate readily. Furthermore, if youth indulge in sexual intimacies before marriage, they are laying the foundation for future unhappiness. When united later on with a life partner in marriage, they will in one way or another have cause to regret such moral lapses. The most common sequel is impotence. 
Please feel free to ask questions and if you want to add more to this article you can do so.
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