Bad oral habit


      Certain habits cause or create damage to the teeth and the mouth in general. These are referred to as bad oral habits because they are not part of the normal use or function of teeth or the mouth Examples of these bad habits are :

1. Tongue thrusting : It is a behavioural patern 

in which  the, tong protrudes towards the front teeth (interior) during swallow
speech, and while the tongue is at rest. Nearly all young children exhibits tongue thrusting,but by the age of 6 most have switched to a normal swallowing pattern. People whose tongue thrust do it naturally affect the teeth and mouth. It causes interference with the normal self-cleaning action of the tongue as well as places teeth in abnonnal positions in the jaws. Speech is not frequently affected by the tongue thrust. The"S"sound (lisping) is the one most affected.

2. Mouth breathing :

  It may be due to either incomplete lip closure or nasal obstruction
that may exaggerate a plaque cause
inflammation reaction in the mouth. Mouth
breathing causes dryness of the mouth.
Dryness of the mouth is a serious problem and it should be well treated .

3. Un-replaced missing teeth : The space

unreplaced missing teeth may have injurious effect on the teeth. Missing teeth can lead to drifting, tilting, and extrusion of teeth. These alterations in the position and functional relationships of teeth can result in increase plaque formation, food impaction, soft deposit retention, and occlusal disharmonies.

4. Filing of the teeth : This is what some people 

call artificial open teeth. It is a bad habit and abnormal. Unfortunately, some people
come to dental clinic to cut or file their teeth for aesthetic, cultural purpose or reason. Whichever reasons or purposes, it must be discouraged and abolished completely. This is mostly seen in girls, young women and a few cases young boys. It is important to note that filing of the teeth can cause teeth sensitivity and damage to the pulps of the teeth, discolouration of the teeth, toothaches, etc.

5. Clenching and clamping of the teeth : It is a 

bad and abnormal. Clenching and clamping of the teeth involves holding teeth in position tightly, usually due to angry or determining to do something that require extra energy. Clenching and clamping of the teeth may be a symptom of illness for some people. Clenching and clamping of the teeth are not part of the Functions of'the teeth. If the degree and duration of these habits are strong enough to create forces that exceed the adaptive capacity of the teeth, occlusul trauma can develop.

6. Grinding of the teeth : This is also called 

bruxism. It is a bad habit. Grinding of the teeth is associated with the psychological stability  of an individual. All individuals, at one time  or another experienced the bodily effect of anxiety, stress, tension, fatigue, and worry.All this may affect the mouth by altering the tissues metabolism  and lowering the host resistance. In addition,if the degree and duration of grinding of the teeth is strong enough, it may cause wearing off or smoothing the grinding surface of the teeth,the cusps.

7. Chewing of sharp or pointed objects  : 

Chewing on objects such as metals, pencils ,pen,knife, needle,pipes, a broken bottles,etc. These are not part of the normal chewing function of the teeth. Chewing on sharp or pointed objects can cause scratching of the teeth and damage to soft tissues of the mouth.

8. Opening bottled drinks with teeth : It is very 

abnormal and bad habit to open drink with the teeth. This may causes scratching of the teeth, cracked teeth, fractured, broken teeth, mobility of the teeth or extraction, that is, removal of the teeth.
      Apart from aesthetics and speech
making, it is very important to know the other functions of the teeth which include cutting, chewing, biting and grinding or crushing of solid food into smaller particles for easy digestion, absorption and assimilation

9. Chewing Hard Substances : 

We might not realize this every time that
we put hard something in our mouths and chew on it we are causing unknown harm to our teeth. Our teeth were made to eat the food and crush the food into smaller particles for easy digestion, aborption and assimilation. They am not meant to chew on pen caps, pencils or any other hard material. You nnght chip or fracture your tooth and leave it open to the
entry of bacterial and harmful effects. This in turn will have to be repaired or extracted. In case you feel the need to chew on something, then you can opt for safer options such as chewing sticks, carrots, celery or Just plain chewing gum.

10. Wrong Use Of Toothpicks 

If you use a toothpick the wrong way then you will go on to cause a lot of damage to
you gums and can even results ln chipping and breaking of teeth. A toothpick needs to be used extremely gently in order to dislodge the food from the crevices of the teeth. If you use it aggressively and try to bring the food particle out then you will have inflicted yourself  with  a lot of harm. Use the right kind of toothpicks that are the rounded ones at the tip. Do not chew on the toothpick as that might cause harm and that is not the way they are supposed to be

11. Chewing Ice

You will be surprised at how many people 
love to chew on ice as a habit. This will 
cause your gums to recede and even allow your teeth to crack real bad. The damage might be so bad that you will need to cap your tooth. If you can't do without chewing on something then you can try to use chewing gum instead. It is a good enough alternative. carrots and pieces of 
apples are extremely good and healthy stuff to chew on. 

12. Using Teeth As A Pair Of Scissors. 

The teeth are meant for different things but 
certainly not to work for you as a pair of 
scissors. Do not use them to tear or cut things that are meant for scissors. It should be avoided at all costs. 

13. Wrong Use Of Toothbrush 

One of the main causes of loss of bone around your teeth or gum recession is an 
excessive rubbing of your teeth, which includes brushing too vigorously from up and down or side-to-side. When you brush your teeth too strongly, then the bristles of 
your toothbrush can force the gums to go away from the teeth and finally lead to 
uncovered root surfaces, which cause
increased sensitivity to touch and cold. 
There is a proper way of brushing that ls kind on the gums and efficiently cleans the teeth. 

14.     Excessive Consumption Of Drinks
               Containing Acid 

Generally people take excessive soda and
acid containing drinks, like soft drink etc. The sucking on lemons and excess drink of juice can create much acid contact to your teeth that can damage your teeth in various ways. It can cause many problems like a worn  and chalky look to the teeth enamel, unrelieved sensitivity to cold drinks and food. deterioration of your teeth leading to cracking and chipping, and a larger incidence of decay caused by the failure of protecting enamel .Eating  citric acid foods or drinking citrus fruit juices are not  essentially harmful,but only when they are not held in your mouth for long periods of time. 

15.  Nail Biting 

Nail biting is the most usual bad habit among us. People bite their nails while watching TV, in stress or at the time of thinking. It takes the germs from your nails to the teeth that will create harm to your teeth. 

    Try not to brush directly after some acidic foods or juices. Your 
tooth enamel becomes soft when you drink or eat something However, acids are really harmful so you should first rinse your mouth with water and the brush your teeth after an hour. 

    Try not to brush directly before eating. 
Brush your teeth just before eating 
removes saliva. Saliva guards your teeth as it breaks down the acids. So, you should avoid the habit of brushing your teeth before eating. 

16.   Thumb Sucking 

Another bad habit is sucking your thumb. It creates the misalignment of your teeth, It 
causes the lower teeth to fold up back into  the mouth and  upper-teeth to extend out. It also causes an open bite of your front teeth. When you have closed together back teeth. 

17. Holding pencils, pens, and other hard things 

can also harm your teeth. This habit
ls very common among the people, and sometimes it creates a fore to the teeth, that can affect the right position of your teeth. And hence teeth look disordered. So you
should keep away from placing these hard objects between teeth. 

These are only few examples of bad habits that create an impact on your teeth and gums. Sooner we eliminate such bad habits the better our chance for long-term finest health, avoiding these bad habit can help your teeth in many ways. So think before
doing these activities that can cause trouble for your teeth. 



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