USE OF DENTAL FLOSS AND DENTAL                              TAPE

Dental tape and dental floss and their uses

      Dental floss and dental tape are extremely effective for cleaning in between areas of there of the  teeth that is interproximal surfaces, They can be used on either open or full embrasure spaces. Both floss and tape come in waxed or unwaxed. If used correctly, 
dental floss and tape can remove bacterial plaque and food debris from in-between areas of the teeth .

         Different types of dental floss are available such as regular floss, dental tape and supper floss. Floss is also available on plastic holder, in the shape of a bow. It forms the string of the bow and it makes flossing very manageable. 

These are some hints for flossing : 

1. Use a 30 -40 cm length of floss. 

2. Wrap the floss around your middle fingers. 

3. Hold the floss between the thumb and the finger of each hand. 

4. Leave about 5cm of floss between the hands. 

5. The floss must be taut when it is used. 

6. Gently guide the floss across the contact point between the teeth. 

7. when the floss is in position between the teeth, move it up and down a few times against each tooth surface, one after the other. 

8. This is then repeated for all the teeth in the mouth. 

9. Be careful not to cut the gumwith the floss. 

10. A sharp downwards thrust of the floss will damage the gum and make it bleed. 

There are several different ways to use dental floss and tape. Whichever method is employed, the following points should also be kept in mind for optimum utilization : 

11. The floss should be securely tied around the knuckle of one finger of each hand and then small length should be stretched tightly between the guiding fingers. 

12. Clean floss or tape should be used in each area.

13. The floss or tape should not be forced into the sulcus of papilla, because this can injure the soft tissue, the gum. 

14. The floss or tape should first be placed at the base of the gum sulcus and, in an up and down motion, it should be moved between the sulcus and the interproximal contact point. 

15. The floss or tape is moved along the tooth surface, not the gum surface. The floss is curved around the tooth, not just straight motion. 

16. Flossing should be done slowly to avoid trauma i. e injury. 

17. There are several commercial floss holders available in the market, if any person lacks the proper dexterity to use the floss. 

18. The individual's flossing techniques should be checked by the dental professional (dentists or therapist) to ensure correct and effective use. 


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