Medium TOOTHBRUSH for adult



    Toothbrushes come in a variety of sizes, shapes, bristles(soft medium hard), and length and bristles arrangement to meet the individual's need. 
These come in different design patterns and names of the manufactinrer in the markets. 
     The Nigerian Dental Association and the american dental association has  not evaluated each toothbrush as to its particular merit, but rather has established certain guidelines regarding acceptability. According to the Nigerian Dental Association toothbrushes should have a brushing surface from 1-1-/ 1/ 2 inches long and 0. 3- 0. 4 inch wide, 2-4 rows 5-12 tufts per rows. 
However,the process of using your brush and toothpaste to brush your mouth is called:reminiralization it simply means free from caries and some bacteria in the mouth. It prevent odour too.
    If your mouth is not free from bacteria it may be dangerous to your health and it could be a life treat.For example a person have a cyst due to poor oral hygiene or tumour could lead to life treating if not treated properly.Always be in a good health and this start from your mouth because mouth is a gateway to the body.

The following points should also be taken into consideration when selecting and recommending a toothbrush.

1. The type of toothbrush selected for a person depends on the needs of the individual rather than the superiority of any particular type of brush. No one toothbrush is adequate for all persons.
2. The toothbrush should provide easy accessibility to all areas of the mouth.Smallheaded brushes are often helpful in this regard.
3. It should clean efficiently and be easy for the persons to manipulate.
4. Nylon bristles are satisfactory and retain their firmness longer.
5. The toothbrushes should be one that is compatible with the recommended brushing technique.
6. Two brushes are recommended and used alternately. They should be replaced when the brittles start bending or fraying
7. Tooth brush with soft bristles should be used by the children.
8. Toothbrush with medium bristles should be used by an average adult.
9. Toothbrush with hard bristles should be used by the smokers. Though, the federal ministry of Health has warned that smokers are liable to die young. 

10. Toothbrush must be seal and packed in an hygienic place ,if open do not buy.
11. After brushing make sure your toothbrush is wash properly and no toothpaste is left on the brush.
12. After brushing put your brush in a clean place with is mouth upright so as to allow it dry and expose to air and free from bacteria tapping in.
13. Brush twice daily this really help and improve your oral hygiene.A lot of people ignore this,please don't do the mistake of that.
14. Brush at least two minute.This help really,have tried it and it work for me.I know it may not be convenient but practice made perfect.
Try this and you we surely see a possitve result.

I made this video about the ideal way  of brushing.You van check this out.



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