How to keep mouth and teeth healthy naturally

Oral hygiene instructions

      Oral hygiene instructions mean the
knowledge given by the dental professionals (dentists or therapists) to the patient, which aim to prevent oral (mouth) diseases and promotion of healthy mouth .
How to keep mouth and teeth healthy naturally

These oral hygiene instructions include : 

-Brush at least twice a day : Food particles are left in the mouth after eating ; it is good to remove them. Therefore, it is essential to brush at least two times a day i. e. After breakfast and last thing before
going to bed at night, so as to remove the food deposits and the impacted food.

-Use of an ideal toothbrush and the correct method off tooth brushing. The use of toothbrush and its correct method of brushing is to remove plaque from every accessible surfaces of thc the teeth, without causing damage to the teeth orthe mouth.

  • -Use of toothpaste containing fluoride :

 The use of toothpaste containing fluoride helps in the prevention of dental caries.
Using Good fluoridated Toothpaste might keep mouth healthy naturally, like pardontax that have a daily fluoride and anticavity, and antigingivitis toothpaste for bleeding gum and whitening your teeth daily, also gives you fresh breath is also essential for your mouth.

  • -Care of a toothbrush : 

Proper care should be given to a toothbrush after brushing the teeth. This is to avoid splayed and contaminated toothbrush.

  • -Rinse the mouth after eating :
  •  It is important to rinse the mouth after eating especially when sugary food is eaten. This is to avoid dental caries caused by acid produced by the action of bacteria on refined sugar found in the food.

  • -Use of cleansing and fibrous fruits : 

It is.lmportant to finish every meal with. cleansing and fibrous fruits such as oranges, pineapples, guava ,Apples. pawpaw etc. These help to clean the teeth and remove plaque from the teeth to a significant level.

  • -Take balance diet : 

It is good to take balanced diet to maintain the general health as well as healthy of the oral tissues. This helps to prevent mouth diseases.

  • -Use of dental floss and tape / interdental brush :

 It is the most efficient method of cleaning in between surfaces of teeth, if it is used regularly and efficiently at home.

  • Visit to dental clinic at least twice a year :

 Every person is advised and encouraged on the importance of visiting dental clinic at least twice a year i. e every six months to ensure optimal oral health. This is very important but many people do neglect it.

Obviously many people only come to the dental clinic when they have pains. This is not good because prevention is better than cure. For instance, if a person does not take proper care tor his/her teeth, eventually he or she may have dental caries (holes on the teeth) that cannot be filled. The last option for this person is extraction i. e removal of the teeth.
  However,adult sets of teeth can never grow back once removed except for an artificial teeth (denture) which can never be compared to the natural teeth, In fact, it is more difficult and much expensive to maintain artificial teeth. Everyone
should establish good oral hygiene care early in life. And be careful in its maintenance throughout life. It is therefore advisable for individual and families to visit dental clinic at least twice a year, because early checkup prevents mouth Msease and expensrve treatment.

   Besides aforementioned ways to keeo mouth healthy naturally, it is also very important that a person avoids the following bad oral habits :

- Smoking
- Eating kola-nuts
- Use of sharp or pointed objects like knife in the mouth
- Wrong use of toothpicks
- Improper use oftoothbrush
- Opening bottled drinks with teeth
- Soft drinks containing sugar
- Mouth breathing
- Filing ofthe teeth
- Tongue thrusting
- Grinding of teeth
- Chewing hard substance
- Chewing Ice
- Clenching and clamping ofthe teeth
- Using teeth as a pair of scissors 

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   Consuming food that contains sugar especially snacks like cake chocolate, biscuits, chewing gum, sweets, etc.
  Although, rinsing immediately with water after drinking soft drink and eating food that contains sugar is highly recommended.
Unfortunately, individuals who do not take
proper care of their mouth are likely to have tooth decay (hole on the tooth), toothache (pain on the teeth), gingivitis (gum disease characterized by bleeding. Red and pain), periodontitis (destruction
of the  supporting structures of the teeth), gingival recession (exposure of the roots of the teeth), mouth odour ( xerostomia). Etc.
      These problems and disease are generally caused by improper care for the mouth leads to poor oral health,which permits deposits of bacteria plaque and food debris to accumulate on the teeth surfaces and irritate the surrounding gum tissues.
      Having discussed the oral hygiene instructions, regular visit to dental clinic and adherence to instructions given by dental professionals will help prevent mouth diseases and keep  the mouth healthy. A healthy mouth is an excellent indication of the maintenance of the overall health of a person.

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