How to cure your mouth


        In dentistry, a disclosing agent is used for the identification of soft deposits found on the teeth surfaces. Most people are unaware of these soft deposits and bacterial film (plaque), as such disclosing agents come in to make them realize that 
apparently clean looking teeth could have heavy deposits on them

        Disclosing agents enable the dental 
professional (dentists or therapists) in assessing the oral hygiene of a patient. The function of disclosing agent is to colour the teeth where plaque and debris 
have accumulated. This equally enables the patient to see the stained or coloured deposits. Therefore, the effectiveness of good oral hygiene can be 
improved. These agents aid in patient education,motivation, and home care  because the patient can use them to judge his/her oral hygiene effectiveness. 

       The disclosing agents come in tablets and liquid form. They are water soluble and colour plaque blue, purple or red,depending on the type of agent used. These agents are contraindicated for 
patients who have a large number of synthetic restorations. 
      When applied to the teeth, the agent imparts its colour to soft deposits but can be rinsed off easily from clean teeth surfaces. After colouring, the deposits can be clearly seen which provide a valuable visual aid in patient instructions. This demonstrates to the patient the presence of deposits 
and areas that need special attention during personal oral care at home .

Dislosing agents in tablets form are chewed by the patient for 30-60 seconds swishing it around the mouth, then rinse with water. Those in liquid form are diluted to appropriate dilution as directed by the 

      Clean teeth surfaces do not absorb the 
colouring agents but plaque and deposit presentabsorb the agents and are disclosed. The oral mucous membrane and lips may retain the colour from certain disclosing agents. Application of vaseline or other coating substance may prevent 
absorption of the colour by the lips. 



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