Constituents of medicine:Thyroid,hetrazan,piperazine citrate,paregoric e.tc

     This medication is extracted from the thyroid glands of animals. It is one of the few glandular preparations eflective by
mouth It regulates and co-ordinates the activity of the whole body.
      It is used in cases where patients are very low in thyroid, and also to regulate some who are not so low. It is especially
useful in regulating the menstrual cycle of women. It often will cause the period to come on time and without the physical discomfort that so often accompanies it. A doctor should guide in the administration of this medication.
Thyroid Problems, Disease - Symptoms, Causes, and Diagnosis - WebMD

Piperazine Citrate

       This drug is marketed under the name of antepar.
       It is used for pin-worms especially and also for roundworms. Follow the directions On the bottle. Unless one observes proper cleaning of clothes and bedding he cannot hope to clear up the infection. The whole family should be treated at the same time in the case of pin-worms.


      This preparation is used for worms that enter the blood stream, such as trichinella spiralis, hook-worm, and filaria. If given at the right time, it is of much value. its most common use is in tropical eosinophilia, which is considered to be an Infection in which the organism lodges in the lungs. Whether this is true or not, the disease responds to hetrazan.
Hetrazan, (diethylcarbamazine) dosing, indications, interactions, adverse ...


        This drug is used to help stop diarrhoea whatever the cause. its use is not curative but it contributes much to the comfort
of the patient. It is given in doses of 1/2 to 1 teaspoonful every half-hour for three or four doses, followed thereafter by a similar
dose after each loose stool. Do not administer it for too long a period lest the patient become very constipated.
Paregoric: Indications, Side Effects, Warnings .

Aluminium Hydroxide and Magnesium Trisilicate

     These substances have only one purpose and that is to neutralize the acid in the stomach and to soothe its wall. They are
compounded under the name alusil. In cases of peptic ulcer there ls an over-supply of hydrochloric acid which has to be
neutrallzed because of its adverse eftect in perpetuating the ulcer.
     Sodium bicarbonate or ordinary baking soda will eftectively neutralized the acid in the stomach but it disturbs the blood by
making it too alkaline. For this reason aluminium hydroxide is considered superior. It does not affect the acid-base balance of the blood.

Tincture of Belladonna

    Tincture of belladonna is used to quiet the stomach and possibly to cut down the secretion of acid. Half a teaspoonful
every four hours often gives much relief. Antrenyl, one capsule three times daily, is also useful.
Belladonna Tincture (belladonna) medical facts from Drugs.com


    Hay fever, asthma and hives are the main manifestations of allergic disease. Several drugs known as antihistamines are very
helpful in treating these ailments. Avil, pyribenzamine, and benadryl are common examples. Caladryl is a combination of
benadryl and calamine lotion. It is the best lotion for relief from itching from any cause, especially from allergies.



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