Every woman needs to take care of her mouth. But female hormones can lead to an increase in some problems such as : 

Cold Sores : These small, painful sores are caused 

by herpex simplex virus type 1. Once 
a woman exposed to the virus, it can hide in the body for years. Things that trigger the virus and lead to cold sores include : 

1.Getting too much sun 
2. Having a cold or infection 
3. Having her monthly period 
4.  Feeling stressed. 

Take note cold sores can spread from person to person. It most often forms on the lips and sometimes under the nose or chin. The sores heal in about 7 to 1Odays 
without scaring. You can buy over-the 
counter drugs to put on cold sores to help relieve pain. If you get cold sores a lot, talk with your physician or dentist about a prescription for an antiviral drug. These drugs can help reduce healing time and the 
number of new sores. 

Cancer Sores : These sores are small walls inside 

the mouth. 
They have a white or gray base and red border. Women are more likely than men to have cancer sores that occur. The cause of cancer sores is unknown. Risk factors include : 

1. Fatigue 
 2.   Stress 
3.   Monthly period 
4.   Allergies 
5.   Celiac disease 
6.   Crohn's disease 

Cancer'sores most often heal on their own 1-3 weeks. If you get cancer sores often or you get a large sore, see your dentist. You may need medicine to treat the pain that characterized by cancer sores. You may 
need to avoid hot, spicy foods. Use of mouthwash or salt water is recommended. 
1. Dry mouth (xerostomia) 
2. Gum disease (gingivitis) 
3.Mouth thrush (Oral thrush) 
4. Changes in mouth 

However, a pregnant woman needs special breath and good oral health. Before a woman becomes pregnant, it is best to have dental check up every SIX months. 
Every woman needs to keep her mouth in good health before pregnancy as follows : 

1. Have a complete regular checkup early 

2. Remember dental work is safe. This best 
time for treatment is between 14-20 
weeks. In the last months, the woman might be uncomfortable sitting on dental chair. 

3. Have all needed dental treatment, so as to reduce risks of your health and Your baby health. 

4. Adherence to oral hygiene instructions so as to control the risk of gum diseases.Pregnant women may have changes in taste and develop red, swollen gums that bleed easily. 
This condition is called gingivitis. Both poor 
oral hygiene and higher hormonal levels can cause pregnancy gingivitis. Until now, it was thought having gum disease 
could raise the risk of having a low birth weight baby. 
Researchers have not been able to confirm this risk, but studies are still underway to learn more. 



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