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      Home Remedies: Problems of Childbirths, Danger, Signs of labor, and Delivery 

         Effort  has been made through various medium like blogger and on all marriage education and through medical procedure on the necessity for men after marriage of avoiding excessive sexual indulgence. While the sexual relation of the man and wife is right and natural, yet it is right and natural only when controlled by law and reason. The need for controlling sexual indulgence may be made plain by comparing it with hunger and thirst. Both of these are natural instincts, which to satisfy in an intelligent manner is right ; but everyone knows that it is not right to indulge our desire for eating and drinking to the point of becoming gluttons or drunkards.

   Neither is it right or reasonable for a man, simply because he can do so if he desires, to indulge in sexual intercourse to the point of becoming a sexual "glutton." 

 Development of the Child in the Uterus 

 As soon as a woman becomes pregnant, the ovum, which is much smaller than a mustard seed (it is 0. 2 mm. In diameter) begins to grow. In a few days time it has the appearance of, and is almost as large as, a mulberry. In four week's time it is as large as a pigeon's egg. By the end of the second month it is about the size of a hen's egg, and has begun to take the shape of a human body. 
  There are blood vessels which attach it to the inside of the uterus, and the food which the mother eats and digests passes through her blood vessels to the embryo ( the child that is growing in the uterus), and makes it grow. The mother's blood, however, does not circulate in the baby. The nourishment is absorbed into the baby's blood through a membrane.

This exchange takes place in the placenta. It is a most wonderful thing how the little mass that looks like a mulberry can grow and develop into a human body with its 206 bones and over 500 muscles, with eyes and ears, heart, brain, etc. This provides another evidence that a Supreme Being created man and causes the little mass to develop into a perfectly formed body. By the end of the fourth month the child is five inch long. By the end of the sixth month it weighs about two and a half pounds.

 If it should be born at the end of the sixth month, it would have a very poor chance of survival. By the end of the eighth month (252 days), the child weighs from four to six pounds, and is about eighteen inches long. If the child is born at this time and is well cared for, it will live. At the end of the ninth month (280 days), the child is fully developed. it will weigh from six to ten pounds, and is about twenty inches long. 
 Duration of Pregnancy , the duration of pregnancy is about 280 days. The following methods can be used in estimating the time when the child will be born. Count forward nine calendar months from the day when the last menstruation began and add seven days to this. For example, if the first day of the last menstruation Was January 1, the date when it is expected that the child will be born would be October 8. (Check out the calendar of confinment ). Another method that is very easy to use is to count 280 days from the first day of the last time the woman menstruated. In no case can the date be estimated exactly. The child may be born two weeks earlier or two weeks later than the time calculated.

 Signs of Pregnancy 

   How may a woman know that she is pregnant? There are a number of signs that will enable her to know. When a married woman who has previously been menstruating regularly ceases to menstruate, it is fairly certain that she is pregnant, yet not absolutely certain ; for a woman may become pregnant while she is still nursing a child and she may become pregnant before she has begun menstruating after the last child was born. Morning sickness usually occurs for a few weeks when a woman is pregnant.

 Upon getting up in the morning she will suddenly feel sick and nauseated and will begin to retch and vomit. It may occur every day for several weeks. This is a fairly certain sign of pregnancy. During the second or third months of pregnancy the breasts become larger and firmer. The nipples become more prominent. From the third month of pregnancy on there is a gradual enlargement of the abdomen. In about four and a half months after becoming pregnant, the woman usually feels the first movement of the child in her uterus. 

 Danger And Signs in Pregnancy Duration

 1.Persistent or severe vomiting. 

2.Persistent or severe headache. 

3. Repeated dizziness. 

 4. Blurred vision or other visual disturbance 

5.Swelling of the face, especially under the eyes. 

6. Swelling of the feet, ankles, or limbs. 

7. Sharp pains in the upper part of the abdomen. 

8. Stopping of foetal movements for a week or more.

 9. Bleeding from the vagina. 

10. Abdominal cramps together with pain in the lower back. 

11. Mental depression and change in disposition. 

 12. Indifferent.

13. Feverish.

14. Cold.

15. Body weakness.

16. Xerostomia .

    In case any of the above signs appear a doctor should be consulted without delay.

Home Remedies: Care of The pregnant Women.

  The woman who is pregnant must have a liberal amount of nourishing food ; for she must eat to supply two persons, herself and the child in her uterus. It is very important that the bowels move daily. If there is constipation, 

  • She should sleep in a well ventilated room. It is important for the pregnant woman to take muscular exercise daily, otherwise her muscles become and flabby, and the child will be weak, and she will also have very difficult time when the child is born.
  •  She should drink several pints of pure water daily. 

  •  She should avoid the use of wine, tobacco and betelnut. She should take a cleansing bath frequently. 
  • Sexual intercourse should not be indulged in during the last two months of pregnancy and only very moderately during the first seven months. Preparation for Confinement (Labour) As the time of confinement draws near, the room should be swept well. 
   Remove everything hanging on the walls and then whitewash the walls with lime. The floor should be scrubbed, or if it is an earth floor, sweep it well, and then scatter lime in the corners of the room, and under all the furniture. Remove everything from the room except bed and table. If there is only one room in the house, hang up clean mats and make a partition between the section where the woman's bed is located and the other part of the room. The materials that should be provided are the following : 

 1. A pound or more of absorbent cotton to be used for sponging up blood, etc., and to be used for the pad that is placed over the vaginal opening after the child's birth. 

 2. Two or three strips of strong new cotton cloth, ten inches wide and four feet long, to be used as a bandage about the mother's abdomen after the child is born. 

3. Several pieces of old cloth which have been washed clean and boiled. These are to be placed under the mother to absorb the blood and other fluids. 

4. A piece of flannel or some other soft cloth. This should be well washed and boiled. The baby is to be wrapped in this cloth. 

5. Two strips of cloth four and a half inches wide and two feet long. This cloth should have been boiled. This is used as an abdominal bandage for the baby. 

6. Soap and a small brush, to be used in scouring the nurse's or midwife's hands. 

7. A few ounces of antiseptic, a half teaspoonful of antiseptic should be added to a pint of water for washing the nurse's or midwife's hands. 

8. Some small pieces of clean cloth which have been boiled. Each piece should be about three inches long by three inches wide with a hole in the centre large enough to slip over the stump of the umbilical cord. 

9. A half Ounce bottle of normal saline solution for washing the baby's eyes also penicillin ophthalmic ointment or 1% silver nitrate solution. 

10. A few ounces of vaseline or sweet oil to be used in cleansing the baby's body just after it is born. 

11. Some safety pins for fastening the abdominal bandages of the mother and baby. 

12. Some clean cloths to be used for baby diapers. 

 13. Two pieces of cord (tape) six or eight inches long should be provided. 
    Make the tape by twisting together firmly ten or twelve cotton threads. These cords are to be used in tying the umbilical cord. Also provide a good pair of scissors to cut the umbilical cord. These articles should be provided beforehand. All the cloths that have been boiled should be kept wrapped in a clean cloth. These things should not be handled without first washing the hands.      

 The clothing prepared for the mother and child, and the sheets for the bed, should be clean, and protected from dust after they are prepared. It is of the greatest importance that everything be clean. A large percentage of all babies dying in infancy die within two weeks of the time they are born. This may be due to the fact that at the time of the child's birth care was not taken to have everything clean. 

 Many mothers are sick and have fever for a long time after childbirth. This is also entirely due to not having everything clean at the time of childbirth. As soon as the woman knows that the time of childbirth has arrived, she should at once have her bed prepared. Several sheets of papers, or a sheet of plastic should be spread over the mattress pad to keep it from getting wet; then clean bed sheets should be spread on this. Never use old dirty cloths on the bed to catch the blood. Several gallons of water should be boiled in clean vessels. Part of this should be poured into clean basins or water jars and covered with a clean cloth. And allowed to cool. Part of the water should be kept hot. 
    A small table should be placed in the room. Wash the top of the table with soap and hot water and put on this table the various articles needed. Also provide a couple of wash pans wash them all well with soap and hot water.



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