Tooth brushing alone can not completely clean all the surfaces of the teeth. For ideal purpose, tooth brushing should be supplemented with toothpaste.
Toothpastes come in a variety of packages, sizes, contents and names to meet the individual's needs. No one toothpaste is adequate to meet the needs of all individuals. The  Dental Association has 
not evaluated each toothpaste as to its particular merit, but rather has established certain guidelines regarding acceptability . According to the Nigerian Dental Association, toothpaste must contain fluoride 

    Toothpaste  containing fluoride helps to prevent dental caries. Other compositions may include : abrasives, detergents and flavouring agents. The detergent and abrasives aid in polishing and help in the removal of the debris. The flavouring agents give a pleasant taste to the paste. 
     Toothpastes are not recommended merely because of its names but by its contents and usefulness. Only the endorsed toothpaste with FLOURIDE are recommended for individuals for normal use on daily basis. Although, some toothpastes that are meant for treatment or therapeutic usage usually contain chemical or drugs which are meant to be used for specific treatment action or preventive measures such as smokers, patient that are prone to dental caries, sensitive teeth etc. 
      'Tooth powders are also another form of 
dentifrice. The abrasive content is more than in any toothpaste, so for that abrasive content it may cause damage to the surfaces of the teeth by scratching it which might probably lead to sensitivity. Therefore ,it is not good for the teeth and should be discouraged for use.
    Tooth powders are composed of flavors,detergents, abrasives, and sweetner.

 Toothpaste like pardontax have a daily fluoride and anticavity, and antigingivitis toothpaste for bleeding gum and whitening your teeth daily, also gives you fresh breath you might considered trying to use it.
You can buy pardontax from Walmart.

 Toothpaste contains all of the above mentioned with lubricants, preservatives, binders and water. Colouring agents could also be added but they are optional not necessary, that is while different colours are noticed ln various toothpastes in the market. The following could be used as a formula for toothpastes 
or toothpowders. 

1. Fluoride -  0. 5% ( 1ppm) .

2. Detergent- 1-2% .

3. Flavour -   1-5% .

4. Abrasive -  20-40% .

5. Lubricant- 10-30% .

6· Binder -      1-5% .

7. Sweetener- 1-2% .

8. Water -        20-30% .

9.  Colouring agent .

10. Preservatives .



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