Dental abscess

Dental Abscess 

     A dental abscess is a localized, circumscribed
purulent area of inflammation in the tissues
surrounding the teeth. There are three types of
dental abscesses :
+  Gingival
+  Periodontal
+    Periapical
These dental abscesses may resemble each other
from a clinical standpoint, differing only in point of
origin and the specific path of infection.

A.  Gingival abscess : It develops through a 

break as the gingival tissue surface as a result of an acute injury or localized infection of the gum. It is a
response to irritation caused by foreign materials

such as toothbrush bristles and toothpicks being
forced into the gum it can also develop as a result of
food impactation ,poor oral hygiene, dental treatment
or a localized infection of the gingival (gum). In its
beginning, stages the abscess will appear
as a localized area of swelling, with a red, smooth surface through a fistulus tract. Gingival abscesses
are usually confined to the marginal gum or
interdental papilla. The gingival abscess is treatable by use of antibiotics and incision to permit drainage.

B. Periodontal abscess : It is confined to 

periodontal tissues. It may be acute
or chronic. The symptoms of periodontal
abscess include :

-  Surrounding gingivae is enlarged, red,
tender, and painful with smooth shiny

-  There may be an increase in tooth

-  The tooth is sensitive to pecursion.

-   Pus may be discharged from the
opening of the socket.

-   Systemic effects such as malaise,fever and node swelling.Face and lip may be swollen.

- Dull, throbbing pain is present.

C.  Preriapical abscess : It is associated with the 

apex of the tooth. Periapical abscess is the
characterized by abscess surrounding the apex of
the tooth.



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