Major  Exercises Develops Your Muscles 

     It is absolutely necessary that a person exercise in order to keep the body strong and healthy. During exercise the heart
beats faster, and in this way every part of   the body gets a better supply of blood. During exercise one breathes often
and in this way every part of the body gets a more abundant supply of oxygen. The mind becomes dull if the muscles of
1. The floor dip,which should be done
with a stiff back.Do not sag  at the hips.
Lower the body until the chest touch the
  floor,and then press upward to arm's
    lenght again .

2. The Sit-up. Start by lying flat on Your back with arm extended. Then sit up by contracting the abdominal muscles, and try to touch Your finger tips to your toes Keep legs straight at all times*. 

  3. Leg Muscles EXERCISE.

'With arms at side, shift weight to left foot and lunge forward,planting right foot ahead of you on floor. Return to standing position, and complete exercise by lunging forward with left foot.

Straddle legs and bend at the waist,directing arms toward the floor.        Then lift left arm out to the side as you maintain this position. See that your arm is at right angles to your spine, your elbow . Complete exercise with right arm.


      Lie flat on floor with back flat.Extend arms above chest, and let them move out perpendicular to your spine. Inhale deeply as, arms move outward. Hold breath until arms have almost returned to starting position.
The body are not exercised. If one desires to have a good memory and to be able to study diligently and learn rapidly, he must exercise the muscles of his body daily.
   The arm of the blacksmith is large and strong because he constandy uses it. The legs of the hill coolies are  large and 
powerful because they walk so much. On the contrary, the arms and legs and the whole body  of many students and business men are small and weak because they sit much and do not exercise their arms and legs. Many people think that those who are educated should not work, that it is only the coolie class that should work with the hands. This is a great mistake. Muscular work is dignified and honourable. Muscular exercise is as essential for girls and women as it is for boys and men. Every one should feel ashamed to have soft, weak muscles. 

    When God created man's body, He knew just what the body required in order to remain strong and healthy ; and so .
   He not only provided food to nourish the body, but he also made provision that man must work and exercise his body in order to secure food.
   There are many forms of exercise, but the very best forms are found in doing ordinary work such as gardening and
carpentry. Walking, running and swimming are all good forms.

   After children have been sitting quietly at their study desks for some time, their breathing becomes slow and very
little air is taken into the lungs at each inspiration. The heart beats slowly and the mind becomes dull so that the child
cannot study well. For this reason teachers/ parent should give the children recesses in order that they may get out of doors to run and play. In addition to the regular recesses for play and recreation, the children should be given stretching and breathing exercises for three or four minutes once ot twice during the fotenoon and once or twice during the afternoon. These exercises make the heart beat faster and cause the children to-breathe deeper and faster, and thus their minds become more active.

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