natural hair of 8 year old girl

                   Women's  HAIR

    Hair originates in tiny sacs or follicles deep in the dermis layer of skin tissue. The part of the hair below the skin surface is the root ; the part above is the shaft. Hair follicles are closely connected to the sebaceous glands which secrete oil to the scalp and give hair its natural sheen.
     Hair grows from the root outward,pushing the shaft farther from the scalp. Depending on its color, there may be as many as 125, 000 hairs on an adult's head. The palms of the hands, the soles of the feet, and the lips are the only completely hairless parts of the surface of the body.

Hair Texture

  Each individual hair is made up of nonliving cells that contain a tough protein called keratin. Hair texture differs from one part of the body to another. In some areas, it may be soft and downy ; in others, tough and bristly. Hair texture also differs between the sexes, among individuals,and among the different races.
   If an individual hair is oval in cross-section, it is curly along its
length. If the cross-section is round,the hair is straight. Thick, wiry hair is usually triangular or kidney-shaped.
The fineness or coarseness of hair texture is related to its natural color.


   Anyone using a home permanent preparation should read and follow instructions with great care. If a new brand is tried, the instructions should be read all over again, since they may be quite different from the accustomed ones.
   Electric curling irons are not safe because they may cause pinpoint
burns in the scalp which are hardly noticeable at the time but may lead to permanent small areas of baldness. The danger can be minimized,however, if instructions for use are followed exactly and the recommended moisturizing lotions are used. It is especially important that the iron not be hot enough to singe
the hair. The results, even if there is no damage, are not long lasting and are adversely affected by dampness.
Setting lotions used with rollers or clips have a tendency to dull the hiar unless they are completely brushed out.


   The least harmful as well as the least eftective way of straightening the hair temporariiy is the use of pomades. They are usually considered unsatisfactory by women because they are too greasy, but are often used by men with short unruly hair. Heat-pressing the hair with a metal comb is longer-lasting but can cause substantial damage by burning the scalp. When this method is used, humidity or scalp perspiration will cause the hair to revert to its natural curl. The practice of ironing the hair should be discouraged since it causes dryness and brittleness, with resultant breakage. Chemical straighteners should be used with great care since they may cause serious burns. Special efforts must be made to protect the eyes from contact with these products.



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