What Causes Dry Mouth in Pregnancy Women ( xerostomia )

    Xerostomia is caused by various factors which we all know, but we choose to ignore them.
It causes in ability to produce saliva, and this cause unpleasant condition for us . Thus, making the mouth vulnerable to disease.
      However, it can happen to anyone occasionally when a person is under stress. 
When it occur in the mouth , mastication, swallow and talking are difficult, it increase the risk of tooth decay in the mouth , because saliva help to keep harmful germs that can cause cavity and other infection in the mouth.
    When taking sticky chocolate and carbohydrate food , bacteria that is already present in the mouth convert this food to glucose, sucrose, fructose into acid called lactic acid through the process called d glycelytic process . If the food is left in the mouth it causes demineralization which is the major dissolution of mineral content of the teeth.
     However, demineralization occur when the acid is neutralize by saliva or mouth wash. This is while saliva is important in aspect of tooth, mouth, teeth , tongue palate.
     If demineralization occur for a long period of time, enough mineral content may be lost so the soft organic material left behind disintegrate forming a cavity. Thus , making mouth vulnerable to oral diseases.

Some of the contributing factor of xerostomia

  1. Stress:Emotional disturbances.
  2. Acute anxiety.
  3. Mouth breathing.
  4. Heavy smoking.
  5. Medication.
  6. Pregnancy.
  7. Diseases of the salivary gland such as diabetic, HIV and aid, because they have low immune system to fight the bacteria.


     Apart from the above mentioned causes and symptoms of dry mouth. A person with dryness of the mouth is likely to develop the following  problems:

Gingivitis : 

It is a disease of the gum that characterized by redness, pain and bleeding of the gum. If left untreated, it may leads to periodontitis. 

Dental caries : 

 It is also known as tooth decay. It is 
an irreversible microbial disease of the calcified tissues of the teeth characterized by demineralization of inorganic portion and destruction of the organic substance of the tooth, which leads to cavitation (hole on the teeth). Dry mouth may be a contributing factor that initiates the formation of carious lesion.
      Other problems include mouth infections and dry mouth can also make it difficult to wear artificial teeth.


     If the dryness of the mouth is caused by
certain medication you are taking, your doctor may adjust the dose of drugs or switch you to a different drug that doesn't cause dryness of the mouth.
     In addition, mouthwash may be prescribed to restore mouth moisture. If it doesn't help medication that stimulates saliva production, called salagen may be prescribed.

     Other steps you can take that may help to improve saliva flow include : 

1.   Sucking on sugar free candy or chewing
      gum, sugar free.
2.   Drinking plenty of water to keep your
        mouth moist.
3.    Use of a fluoride rinse .
4.    Regular visit to dental clinic .
5.    Brushing with a fluoride toothpaste to
        protect your teeth .
6.   Breathing through your nose regularly,
       not your mouth.
7.    Using a room vapourizer to and moisture to the bedroom.
8.     Taking fruit like :water melon and cucumber , tends to help increase saliva flow for pregnant women




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