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      Cysts of the Breasts

What did I mean by cysts?

In medicine: it simply means; Inside the body, a membranous sac or cavity of abnormal character containing fluid.

What does breast means?

The breast is the tissue overlaying the chest muscles.They are also made up of specialized tissue that produces milk and fatty tissue.The amount of fat in the breast determine how the size would be..
    Cysts may form in the milk glands or the ducts leading from the glands. 
According to research they are caused by imbalances in ovarian hormones and they tend to develop in mature women (age 45 or so)approaching the menopause. The cysts tend to Fluctuate in size, often enlarging just 
before or during menstruation, and there may be a discharge from the 
nipple. Pain and tenderness are also present,although painless cysts have been
discovered only when a woman examines her breasts for possible lumps. Cysts may be almost microscopic in size or as large as an inch or more in diameter. It is not uncommon for more than one cyst to occur at the same time in one breast or both. 
    A medical examination is always recommended by the doctors when any kind of lump can be felt in the breast tissue. This is particularly important for you as a woman who have passed menopause. The doctor frequently can determine whether a lump is a result of a cyst or cancer by the patient's history and by physical examination, especally when repeated at intervals of several weeks. Mammography and biopsy is a study of a small bit of tissue and are used to confirm the diagnosis. 
    Women who are troubled by breast cysts may be helped by wearing a good brassiere at all times as suggested, even during sleep,essence of this is to protect tender  areas. The medications that they used are those that relieve pain and discomfort symptoms that usually subside when the menopause have reached. 


A benign lump in the breast can be caused by either a fat deposit or an 
abscess. A fatty mass frequently forms if an injury to the breast damages a dipose tissue. Because of a similarity of the symptoms to those having breast cancer, a biopsy is usually required to distinguish the lesion from a cancer. The involved tissue
may in any case be removed surgically. 

   Also an abscess of the breast as a result of an infection, although a rare 
problem, may produce a lump that requires treatment with antibiotic 
medications or by an incision to drain the pus. Breast infections 
leading to abscesses are most likely to occur in nursing mothers but can 
also develop in womens who are not lactating, When an infection 
develops in a breast being used to nurse a baby, nursing the baby has to be 
discontinued temporarily while the infection is treated carefully.




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