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     Cancer of the breast is one of the popularly known diseases for both young and old.It as been in existence since decades( since the existence of man on earth)and is one of the best known types of
cancer. It is further explained that it his  an ancient egyptian papyrus of more than 5, 000(AC) years ago.
The hormonal factors involved in the physiology of breast cancer have been studied by various doctors and researchers for more than 230 years ago . But it remains one of best known  of cancers affecting woman. It kills more women than any other kind of cancer, and more people of both sexes (a minuscule number are men) than only two other cancers lung cancer and cancer of the colon and rectum. According to research ,about 90, 000
women in the american continent develope breast cancer each year, and more than a third die of the diseases. Nearly everyone knows a friend or relative who has been stricken by breast cancer. Yet the cause of breast cancer is still not specifically known(only God knows the best).
My suggestion is that anybody that have this type of cancer should seek God intervention(miracle do happen) and your local physician immediately if discovered.
   According to a research breast cancer is less common in the Orient than in America and Western Europe, but Asian women who move to America seem to increase their risk of developing breast cancer indicating that there may be a dietary factor or some other
environmental influence. Women whose female relatives have had breast cancer are more likely to be also be a victims than women from families in which breast cancer is not present (infact the disease is all around the world).It appears to be linked statistically also to women who do not have children before their 30s or who do not have any children ; to mothers who do not nurse their babies ; to women who reach the menopause later than normal ; and to
women who began menstruation earlier in life than normal. There is also an increasing evidence also that ovarian activity may play an important role in the development of breast cancer. Women with ovarian tumors and women who use supplementary estrogen have been shown by some studies to be at increased risk, while the process of having many children and nursing them, which suppresses estrogen hormone activity, is also associated with a decreased risk of developing breast cancer.
    Cancer of the breast may also occur an early teen age, but this is rare. It is not always found before the age of 30, and the incidence peaks around the time of menopause. Then there is a second period after the age of about 65 when the incidence of breast cancer may  rise again.
     Breast cancer usually begins in the ducts of the milk glands ;. The first noticeable sign is a lump in the breast. The lump may appear
anywhere in the breast, but the most common site is the upper, outer quadrant. Such lumps are not necessarily or even usually cancerous, but a biopsy  must be performed to check the tissue
     In a case of breast cancer, a small tumor half an inch in diameter, large enough to be detected during careful self examination, can grow to a cancer two inches in diameter in six months to a year. The lump generally causes no pain ;pain is rarely associated with early breast  cancer. If the tumor is allowed to grow unchecked, it may cause pulling of the skin from within. This effect may appear as a flattening of the breast or a dimpling of the skin, or a sinking, tilting, or flattening of the nipple. Less frequently, the tumor begins in
a duct near the nipple, causing irritation of the skin of the nipple and a moist discharge. In such cases a scab eventually forms at that site. In time, cancer cells spread to the nearby lymph nodes and the danger becomes very serious of metastasis to any part of the body.

How is Breast Cancer detected?

For God so good  breast cancer can be treated effectively if it is detected  early enough. According to research some 95 percent of breast cancers are discovered by the patient herself when she notices a lump. In all too many cases the discovery is made by chance and the lump may be quite large. The cure rate for breast cancer could be greatly improved if all women made a routine of monthly self examination and then consulted a physician immediately(I suggest every woman should do a check up).
 if you found the least indication of a thickening or lump. Most such lumps are benign, but it is most important that the ones that are
malignant be identified without delay.
    According to the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute recommend that every woman follow
a prescribed method of self examination just after the menstrual
period, continuing every month after the menopause. The procedure consists of carefully looking at and feeling the breasts, and takes only a few minutes. A detailed description of the proper procedure is available online .
    The fact is if  a tumor can be detected as even a small lump it must have been developing for some time now. There is a self evidence or obvious truth  about breast cancer to the effect that a cancer that is undetectable is curable leaving unspoken the implication that a cancer that is detectable may not be curable. In recent years, methods of early detection have been refined to the point
that tumors once undetectable can now be detected before any lump becomes palpable.


   Mammograpby is an X-ray technique developed specifically for examination of breast tissue. A tumor shows up on a mammogram as an opaque spot because of  mineral concentrations associated with the growth. However, like thermography, mammography 
cannot determine whether a tumor is benign or malignant or if the opaque spot on the film is due to some other mineral rich tissue rather than a tumor. The examining physician uses mammography only as one among other diagnostic tools.
    Mammography has been widely used by cancer detection centers
throughout America in past years. Since 1976, the National Cancer
Institute and the American Cancer Society have cautioned doctors and patients about the routine use of mammography, particularly for women under 50 years of age and if older types of X-ray equipment are used(generally all x-ray have sife effect on human when exposed too many)According to research studies have shown that exposure of the breasts to X rays, especially at the dosages produced by the older equipment, and perhaps even by the newer low intensity equipment, increases the chances of breast cancer by about one percentage point. This means that a woman at low risk who has, say, a six percent chance of developing breast cancer would increase risk to seven by a factor of almost seventy percent by exposure to X-ray mammography. A woman originaily at higher risk would suffer smaller percentage increment.
Hence cancer experts continue to approve the use of X-ray mammography only for high risk groups ho have a history of breast
have had lumps in their breasts,women above the age of fifty  and younger women have high risk.

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