13 Home application for the preparation of giving birth

1 weeks old baby born in and hygienic place

    As the preparation of giving birth is near ,as a woman you need to be fully prepared.The room where you want to give birth to, must be cleaned. Remove all the unnecessary things that does not make the room tidy,wash with antiseptic if need be. The floor should be properly cleaned as well as the furniture. Make sure there is enough space for the bed and table,make sure there is a separate room for this.
     The essence of this is for any woman that feel like she don't need a gynecologist/ medical personnel for his confinement. This proper measure should be put in place so that the baby we not get infected and you need a person that can help you out,and I advise you to go your gynecologist and know more knowledge about your pregnancy and to know the state of your baby for example your baby may be twins and you only prepared your self for a baby .
      After following this major guidelines you can proceed to the following article:
  1. A clean cotton wool or  clean cloth/absorbent cloth should be used for sponging up blood, e.t.c., and and a sanitary pad should be placed over the vaginal opening after the child birth.
  2. You should get a three strips of a clean new cloth probably a sterile cotton,it should be long enough to be used as a bandage and placed over the mother's abdomen after the child birth.
  3. You can sterilize piece of old cloth wish have been washed clean and boiled. These should be used to absorbed the mother fluid and some other dirty water.
  4. Also a piece of another cloth ,a soft cloth should be used. Well washed and boiled cloth. The essence of this is that this cloth should be used to wrap the baby after his birth.
  5. Two cloth that is long enough(it should be sterile cotton/cloth). This is used for the abdomen of the baby,to tighten it.
  6. Also you need a mild soap and a mild brush, this is to be used for the person assisting you,it may be a nurse / midwife. The essence of this is to used it to clean the nurse hands.
  7. Also a few antiseptic  should be added to clean the nurse or midwife hands.
  8. Some small piece of clean cloth which have been sterile . Each piece should be about 3 inches wide and long in size, with a whole in the centre large enough to skip over the stump of the umbilical cord.
  9. Also , a half in size of normal saline should be used to wash the baby eyes; in addition a penicillin ointment or silver nitrate solution should be applied according to the gynecologist.
  10. A few vaseline or sweet oil is to be used to clean the baby body just after birth
  11. Also, using of safety pins for fastening the abdominal bandages of the mother's and baby is very important.
  12. Some clean cloth to be used for baby diapers/ napkins.
  13. Two pieces of tape almost 8 inches long should be provided.
       Make the tape twist together firmly upto twelve cotton threads,because the cord we be used in tying the umbilical cord. Please note that all this things should be provided before hand. Also a good scissors to cut the umbilical cord should be available.
All the cloth that have been sterilize should be covered / kept in a clean place.However, this should not be handled without wearing a glove and wash your hands.
              The wear prepared for the mother and the baby,with the bed sheet,should be clean and prevent dust after they have been prepared.
        This is the major role that everything must be kept clean accordingly.
According to research ,they make mention of a large percentage of babies dyeing , dye in infancy within 2 weeks of the time they are born. This may be the fact that at the time of the child's birth care was not taken to make everything clean and sterile. This also affect the mother's too because they also fall sick for a long time because of not making everything clean.
              As soon as the time of childbirth arrived, you should at once prepared for everything including your bed. Clean bed sheets should be spread ,using of clean bedsheets, several sheets should be provided to prevent your mattress from getting wet. Never use old dirty cloths on the bed to clean the blood.
              Several gallons of water should be boiled in clean vessels.
Part of this should be poured into a clean basins or water jars and covered with a clean cloth ,and allowed to Cool. Part of the water should be kept clean and hot in a clean flask . You also need a table to placed all the materials you needed on the table including your cloth, scissors,and so on that have mentioned above. However, wash the top of the table very well ,if need be scrub it to allow it to be throughly clean. Wash with soap and hot water , also provide a wash-pan ; wash with soap and hot water.The essence of the hot water is that it kill the germ easily.

You should be aware of the danger this might cause if proper measure mentioned above is not put in to consideration

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Hope this help , if you have and addition to this please comment below and also if you have any question feel free to ask.


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