6 path that actually allow disease to enter inside our own body

Diseases and germs treatment with drugs

     It is obvious that everybody keep thinking while am I getting sick and tired everyday.Some people even think that am rich and I have an healthy meals ,I do a medical check up all the time .What is happening to me?
     However, everybody have is own immune system that helps fight micro-organisms and it is always working but some have week immune system also ,but that's not the case here.The case is that the micro -organisms keep entering and keep weighing us down.This is a serious matter and not to toy with or overlook it.A lot of individuals have gone through an article like this and overlook it. Please always take precaution towards your health.Prevention is always better than cure.We all have the right to take proper care of yourself  ,and it begins today.
     Disease and germs always gain entrance into our body through various ways but today am going to mention few. The most important one's:
  1. It can enter through the mouth: This is the most important part in the body and as a very vital organ in the body a lot of people always ignore this.However, children and adult have this bad oral habit that often make them put their fingers inside their mouths.It is almost impossible to stop children from doing this but and effort should always be made.The hands and the fingers nails always attract so much dirt because they touch so much places thus become heavily infected with various bacteria and disease.
         Putting the fingers in the mouth provides easy path for bacteria        to transport ,where they find warm ,moist ,place to grow.
       Children need to be heavily guarded against this danger.
       The practice of allowing your child to play on the ground should         be avoided because of infectious materials. Every item giving to         the children as food should be washed properly before given.
2. It can enter through the nose: This should not be ignored as this is a vital organs in the body.Dust in the body is not good at all,dust is almost everywhere especially in the dry season it tend to increased.At this time it causes so much colds,sore throats,measles and tuberculosis,as it blows so much contaminated things because healthy people breathe contaminated air. These explain while everybody needs to be extremely careful especially when you are in a public places.Always use your clean handkerchief as this help a lot more.

3. It can enter through injuries on our skin:  Injuries including, minor wounds and minor cuts and sometimes scratches on our body,should be completely washed with soap /antiseptic and water,this includes every part of the body too. If you have a mere injury with no bleeding ,using antiseptic like iodine is essential and covered the place with bandage and prevent it from dust whatsoever.If the wound is deep it should be treated the same way. However,an antibiotic may be included in this case to treat it.

4. It can enter through sexual contact: For example: syphilis,gonorrhoea, and lymphogranuloma inguinale e.t.c.This are the common diseases caused by sexual contact. This can damage any part of the body . It causes deafness , blindness and even insanity.This disease should not be taken slightly because it destroy every part of the body. It is one of the most miserable disease that affect the human,which may be a danger to one life.

5. It can enter through the unbroken skin: There are various kind of fungus infections that often started on the skin. These often attack the feet of the lower part of the legs that have being in contact with the ground,they get cotaminated always. There symptoms always include : chronic form,dry and itching patches.They don't go off easily.
     For example hookworm is a form of disease that enter the body through unbroken skin.It enters and goes to the blood stream .

6. It can enter through bites: This is not so common but is a very serious matter that needs to be mentioned. According to my observation it is common in Africa than any others, because of no proper care for our pet. Dogs and jackals are the worst offenders. However,if bitten by a rabid animal / animal it should be properly treated ,if left untreated it could be worse than your imagination,this causes slow death process,for it takes month for the virus to infect the brain.During this period series of injection may prevent the virus from reaching the brain.  If anyone have this unfortunate incidence you will be a life saver if you make sure he/ she is taken to a doctor for immediate vaccination. This is done within a duration of fourteen days.
    Disease may also enter through the bite of insects auch as mosquito,the flea,the louse, the bedbug and the tick. It is obvious that everybody knows how mosquito transmit is disease by sucking out small amount of the blood from the sick person, and later bite the healthy person.
    This is the major way serveral diseases are contracted, and if you have any questions / addition to the above please kindly comment below.

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