21 Benefits of Vegetables to Human Health And Even More

A diagram showing a vegetable and is benefits to health
     Eating a very good food helps our body a lot in terms of strengthen our body immunity to fight diseases , helps the body to get is maximum growth, healthy lifestyle and much more.
      In recent time,balance diet is the only source that can help our body to get is maximum nutritional facts that is required for the body.
 Some of these food that the body need are of various types :

  1. Vegetables. 
  2. Fruit and beverages. 
  3. Cereal. 
  4. Whole milk. 
  5. Meat and lot more.

     However, eating this foods are good for the recovery of the body, but it has to be in the right proportion. Ranging from; breakfast, lunch,  and dinner must be at the appropriate time the body needs them.

Purpose of Vegetables 

     Vegetables food or fruit is a very good food among is kind and helps the body a lot more. These food is among the best of all because it can be eatingat point in time without choking or constipation and worries unlike other food that can not be taken anyhow. It does not harm the body in anyway neither does it harm you if cook in an hygienic way or prepared .
      In recent time,  nutritionist and scientific research shows that eating a lot of Vegetables help the body to be free from diseases .
Vegetables have varieties and they are all good for the body.
Scientific research have shown that vegetables helps in bowel movements and free from stomach ulcer and some certain illness.
      Vegetables are medicinal, in some countries like Africa vegetables are used to treat malaria and typhoid fever.
Some vegetables are used as herbs, soup and even all the part of the vegetables are useful an essential part including the stem , leave and the root are used for various kind of treatment all around the world.
In Africa vegetables are used mostly for children.

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Some of the benefits of Vegetables 

  1. It aids the healing process. 
  2. It helps in bowel movements. 
  3. Respiratory system. 
  4. Stomach ulceration. 
  5. Can cure skin diseases. 
  6. It enhance hair growth. 
  7. Strengthen the body immunity. 
  8. Enhance the brain.
  9. Good sightedness. 
  10. Provide nutritional supplements to the spinal cord. 
    One of the easiest meal to prepare is vegetables because it does not require special preparation. Some of these vegetables are better eating as raw , while some are cooked;  grind and mix with other food to balance the diet that best suits your body. Eating a vegetable is a right choice to make.
      In recent years,  vegetables are used for various items and various types of people around the world.  Some are used as;

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  1. Body cream and hair cream .
  2. Beverages. 
  3. Soup and more.

Other benefits of Vegetables. 

  1. Reduce pile.
  2. Backache. 
  3. Reduce uneccessary fats in the body.

Nutritional fact in vegetables :

1). Asparagus-
 Food energy per calories 35, protein  grams 4,   fat ;trace.

2). Beans:
food energy per calories 150, protein per grams , 8  . Fat per grams 1 .

3). Carrots :
food energy per calories 20, protein per grams 1, Fat ; trace.

4). Corn, sweet :
Food energy per calories 170, protein per grams 5, fat; 1

5). Lettuce,raw:
Food energy per calories 70, protein per grams 5, fat per grams 1

6). Peas, green :
Food energy per calories 170, protein per grams 8, fat per grams 1.

7). Peppers, sweet :
Food energy per calories 20; protein per grams 1 , Fat per grams trace.

8). Potatoes:
Food energy per calories 110, protein per grams 3, fat per grams 7.

9). Mashed:
Food energy per calories 230, protein per grams 4, fat per grams 12, carbohydrate grams 30.

10). Tomatoes:
 food energy per calories 50 , protein per grams 2, fat per grams;  trace, carbohydrates 10.

11). Spinach :
Food energy per calories 10, protein per grams 1, Fat per grams trace,  carbohydrate per grams 2.

12). Squash :
Food energy per calories 95, protein per grams 4, fat per grams 1, carbohydrate 23.

13). Sweet potatoes :
Food energy per calories 295, protein per grams 4, fat per grams 6, carbohydrate 60.

14) . French fried :
Food energy per calories 230, protein per grams 6, fat per grams 12 , carbohydrate 30.
    A day should not pass without eating a vegetable because they are good for everyone.
Please note nutritional fact may varies based on how it is been produced or used and even served for individual.  For example tomato juice  is different from tomatoe cooked  .

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