What Causes Common Cold?

A diagram showing common cold nostrils, cough

   It is obvious that common cold is a disease that affect the respiratory system , and it occur most often in the winter season ( sometimes twice in a  year or anytime in a year . Most individuals those not count common cold as a serious disease or complicated disease, but the fact is any disease that is left untreated maybe life treating to the patient.
   However, common cold causes so much disturbance to the patient suffering from this disease but we just choose to ignore it.

Common cold is caused by or trigger by not limited to certain food  :

  1. Rosted corn or maize.
 2. Some Rosted food should be washed and done in an hygienic way.

 3. Also raw food,  because all this food contain bacteria .

   In infant complication may set in which can be very serious if left untreated. Which could lead to rheumatic fever; ear ache which could lead to so much trouble. Also some medical conditions triggered it.
    Common cold may last for several days or weeks, so you need to consult your physician for best treatment recommendation that may suit your condition and recover from the disease quickly.

Symptoms of common cold  which include but not limited to :

  1. Running nose.
  2. Sneezing .
  3. Coughing .
  4. Difficult in breathing.
  5. Blockage of the nose.
  6. And even sore troat .

Prevention of common cold :

   The prevention of common cold depends on individual differences and the body immune system. This depends on several factors, but the fact is keeping the body clean and be physically fit and above all proper balance diet keeps the body alive and healthy .
Other include :
  1. Bathing the body day and night with clean water helps the body to be resistance to cold. 
  2. Avoid or limited close contact with the person that have the cold .
  3. Using of the same drinking glass cup. 
  4. Using of the same towel with the person having common cold
  5. Using the same face and hand towel.
  6. Sharing the same object that may have secretion from the nose and mouth. 
  7. Including the hand.
      Those are the possible way to prevent the common cold. 
Also the environment must be cleaned. Living in  a dirty area, not ventilated room, dusty room could arbor the bacteria. 
      However,  resting the body at a particular time when the body need it is very important, because this is the only way the body can regain all what it has been reduced from the body and  gain back is body immune system to prepare against the next task ahead.
      Exposure to cold or wet cloth,  loss of sleep and  over work at night, sitting in the wind could cause common cold. Thus, all this must be prevented. Those who have large tonsils and those who breathe through the mouth may have reoccuring attacks of common cold . At first there is a virus infection associated with watery discharge from the nose, and it could become pneumonia .
Also vaccine are available in some countries which helps to prevent this disease.

Treatment against common cold

   In recent time,  treating common cold have various methods of treatment and various types of drugs. 
   1. If there is sore throat antibiotics may be administered by your doctor. 
   2. If there is ears or chest ache sulpha or penicillin maybe administered. 
   3. If the symptoms is severe proper rest is important. 
   4. Food should be light. 
   5. Plenty of fresh fruit and water will help a lot.
    However,  in some cases that if the nose is blocked you may use nose drop that maybe be purchased from chemist or over the counter drugs. In some countries where over the  counter drugs is prohibited, you can consult your doctor or pharmacist. 
In these case, using a clean towel with an ice pack placed on the side of the nose may help supress the nose Blockage. This maybe applied as long as you see fit.
if there is sore throat a cough syrup maybe use. The cough syrup contain ingredients to liquefied the mucus as well as something to ease it.In some countries where over the  counter drugs is prohibited, you can consult your doctor or pharmacist as soon as possible. 
    It is often advised that staying in a well ventilated area is best for every individual at all time of life.
Some individual practice making a cone and directing the warm steam up to the nose is not a good thing or advice able.
    However, sometimes tickle in the troat start over night causing continues coughing after some time or few minute after.At this time the patient can get warm moist air and breathing air warmed.  This we help to reduce or relief the cough which if allowed to go on may irritate the troat and the trachea and develop more complicated issue.
    Occasionally,  if someone contact this disease it may affect the vocal cords and may loses his or her voice. A cold compress maybe applied  and antibiotics maybe use,  also antihistamines maybe helpful.
Have a good best rest and do not talk too much rest your voice,  and warm air to breathe are important for the treatment of common cold .

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How to use cold compress to treat common cold 

  In the case of an early sore throat,  a tickle or laryngitis  ( loss of voice or low voice) . Cold compress maybe very useful ( also called heating method ).
It is  often used by taking a piece of clean cloth or cotton, long enough to go round the neck and wide enough and must be very tick. The cloth should be soaked in a cold tap clean water  and wrung or squeezed as dry as possible.  And should be placed around the neck.  It his then covered with another piece of warm and dry flannel.
This dry cloth be more and twice the other size of the former cloth.This should be pinned with two pins and left on all night.
In some  cases there are some individuals or patients who cannot tolerate the wet cloth so the dry one should be applied. This method can also be used for small children .
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