What Causes Peptic ulcer?

Stomach discomfort
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   Peptic ulcer is a term indicating an ulcer in the stomach or duodenum (the first part of the small intestine into which the stomach empties). The cause of this ailment is a corribination of nervousness, wrong food and individuals susceptibility. Some
people, take life too seriously and are very tense. In such cases the stomach is often aftected. By this tension. The muscles
become tight and the secretions are disturbed. This interfere with digestion. A tense outlet from the stomach becomes spastic and painful. In the course of time an ulcer develops. Sometimes this is in the stomach proper, but more often it is in the
duodenum. It may vary from a fourth of an inch in diameterto over an inch.

Symptoms of Peptic ulcer

It is possible to have a peptic ulcer with
no pain at all ; however, typically the first thing one notices is a pain or burning sensation in the epigastrium, which is just
below the breastbone. This symptom is relieved by eating food,but it returns within an hour. These symptoms may become worse for a while, then stop for some weeks, returning later to be repeated in the same way.

Treatment of Peptic ulcer

Sippy powders have been used, for many
years and are found to be very effective. In recent years, however, it was found that these disturb the acid-base balance of
the body ; so a search was made for something to neutralize the acids in the stomach, thus eliminating this objectionable feature.
Aluminium hydroxide and aluminium trisilicate were found to be suitable. They can be given without fear of overdose.
   Outwardly ulcer patients may not appear to be tense, but inwardly they are. This tension may be reduced by the use of
1/2 teaspoonful of tincture of belladonna every four hours to relax the muscle spasm; however, an objectionable feature of
this remedy is that it tends to make the mouth dry, which limits its usefulness. Miltown, largactil and other tranquillizers
may be used two or three times a day to relax the general nervous tension during periods of special stress.
  The diet should be bland. The patient may follow a strictly milk diet for a month, but usually other bland foods such as eggs, bananas, strained fruits and vegetables, are included. it essential that alcohol, tea, coffee, tobacco and spices be discontinued.
   Most important factor in the cure of ulcers is the mental attitude. When things are quiet and serene the ulcer begins to
heal. The opposite occurs in times of stress and strain. It should  the the studied purpose of the patient to avoid personalities and situations that upset him. When he is unable to do this, he should learn to adjust his thinking so as not to become, upset no matter what happens.

Complications of Peptic ulcer

  There are three complications that may
develop ; two of them come without warning.

 1. The ulcer may be near the outlet of the stomach and after a period of time scar tissues form and later contract so that this opening through which the food should leave the stomach becomes constricted. If this happens the patient vomits on taking solid food. Only liquids can get through. In order to relieve this condition a new opening must be made from the stomach into the duodenum. suddenly

2. The patient may sunddenly vomit substances, resembling coffe grounds,
mixed with fresh blood. This indicates that the ulcer has eroded into a blood-vessel and poured considerable blood into the stomach. The patient should then be hospitalized, for there is little one can do for the patient at home except to put him
to bed. In the hospital hypodermics can be given to stop the bleeding and the blood level can be checked periodically to see
that it is being maintained at the proper level. Transfusions and possibly surgery may bie necessary.

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3. The patient may suddenly be seized with a sharp abdominal pain such as he has never had before. The abdominal wall
becomes tense. This is the result of the ulcer's having eroded through the wall so that the contents of the stomach are being
poured into the abdominal cavity. Because the fluid is acid, it causes great pain. This is an acute emergency and operation must be performed at once, for if the condition exists more than a few hours unattended the patient may not recover.


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